Home Made Remedies For Treating Pest Problems

Home and garden time can be a joy to spend time with your family and friends, however if there are a lot of pesky pests and insects around, this can really dampened the mood and spirit. So instead of using toxic chemicals here is a list of solutions that you can make at home to treat small pest problems.

Bed bugs: these can be a very troublesome and can spread fast from one location to another if proper care is not taken. If suspecting of a few bugs, then the best remedy is to thoroughly clean and vacuum the room and everything in it.  Bed bug treatment in the form of non toxic traps, diatomaceous earth & bug spray are some of the options available. Since these critters are known to travel with people, precaution and care needs to be taken if you are a frequent traveller.

Ants: these are the most commonly found critters and when they come in hoards, they can be a real nuisance especially when it comes to storing your food items. It is said that the first option anyone can take is to keep the counters and the kitchen clean as ants are always attracted to things that are edible. If this does not work, then some homemade solutions are:

  • To use a bottle of soapy water, this can get them running.
  • Leaving tea bags, mint leaves or even cloves act as deterrent.
  • Bitter cucumbers are also suggested as great alternatives to deterring ants from entering a location such as the kitchen.

Dust mites: now these are found everywhere inside our homes. They can be potentially harmful for people with asthma, allergies and any other respiratory illnesses. While they cannot be completely removed, these mites can be controlled within your home by following some simple rules;

  • Vacuum rooms and bedding frequently, this is especially beneficial for people with allergies.
  • Avoid using humidifiers as they are thriving environments for these critters.
  • Avoid having too much clutter in one space.
  • Remove any soft toys, books or excessive linen that can trap these mites in.

Mosquitoes: they are deadly and transmit many diseases around the world, therefore taking necessary action to eliminate them is a must. In most cases the best solution is to prevent them from entering your home or premises in the first place. Meshing or screens around doors, windows and any vents can greatly help in this regard. Other precautionary methods to prevent being stung include:

  • Citronella and Neem oil is found to be very effective when rubbed on your body to keep them away.
  • Garlic based products are also said to work very well in mosquito control.
  • Marigold and other plants that have a pungent odor also deter mosquitoes from hanging around a certain location.

These and many more home remedies can be easily found these days. Therefore if your pest problem is not too great, it is best to try these non toxic options before contacting the exterminators.