How We Have Come To Rely On Smartphones

Smartphones are the most used devices today. This is because it allows us to do many things without having to rely on any other devices such as laptops and computers. The industry has grown considerably in a short period and is the forefront of technology. Smartphone technological growth is so fast that there is new hardware nearly every 6 months. As more and more people are purchasing smartphones, this allows the industry to grow and improve hardware and software even further. Smartphones weren’t as popular as today a few years back. This is a result of years of technological progress. 

The first smartphones were actually made in the 90s. These devices, unlike today were quite large and only limited to certain tasks. During this time processing power was not as good on smartphones because processors when downsized to fit a smartphone were not powerful and required too much battery life. This made the smartphones extremely limited and the other problem was downsizing cost quite a bit and the device were expensive. Not many people could really afford it. Further, the people who were able to afford did not see much use from it. Because of these factors sales were generally low and technological progress at the time was slow. The main focus during this period was on feature phones. Unlike smartphones today where you could just purchase a tamiya spray and paints brushes within a matter of seconds, this was not possible with these devices.  

The mid 2000s saw the resurgence of smartphones when companies such as Nokia started producing smartphones for the mass market. They weren’t much different to feature phones at the time with only a few additions. One of the standout features were multi-tasking that allowed the user to minimize and use multiple apps. Over a couple of years these devices improved but never really encompassed the feel of a computer in your hand. Unlike a computer where you could just search for a site for paints and spray and purchase it, this was not an easy task on these smartphones.  Check out for more information.

This changed with the introduction of the iPhone. Even though it wasn’t a device like the ones we use today, it was the step in the right direction. It changed the way how we interact with smartphones and offered many features for the user. Over the years as Android started competing with Apple’s iPhone, the race for the best smartphone took off. It has been 10 years since the first smartphone and the industry has come a long way. Today, we rely on smartphones for everything and people are beginning to use their computers and laptops less. In a few years we may not require computers and may even use our smartphone for all things. Even though this occurring can take a few more years, it will surely become a reality.