The Types Of Workspaces

Few decades ago, a ‘workspace’ was a typical working area with separate compartments for each individual and today with billions of creative ideas, a workspace has grown to be a word with different variations. Today, we have different types of workspaces for different types of companies and also, these types varies with the size of business as well. if you are looking for an idea to upgrade your existing working area or just looking for various types of workplaces, following guide will help you in understanding the main workspace types. Click here for rental guide.


As the word itself suggests these are the work areas that we used to have in early ‘80s. They include equally spaced compartments and cubicles for each employee and it consists of a reception area and a fairly large conference room. These traditional workspaces are still available but they are becoming less popular due to their office rental. Most of the law firms and the offices which are related to accounting still follows these work spaces and also, this type of offices give a corporate look to the firm as well.


This is one of the most fast growing workspaces in today’s business world and most of the startups adopt this type of working areas. This consists of large work stations and it has only a few individual work spaces. As the name implies, these firms are used by creative companies such as graphic designers, architectures and photographers. These firms have a pleasant and beautiful working environment, thus increases the efficiency of employees.


These are the luxurious work spaces when it comes to comfortable residential property agent in Hong Kong. This type is used specially by small companies that have a fairly high profit margin and these spaces are fully serviced with all the relevant requirements. It include a reception area and single cubicles or compartments for each individual. Flooring and décor is carried out to offer a luxurious look to the firm. However, these spaces are quite expensive and maintain one requires special attention as well.

Co worker

This is the next generation work space which is a modified concept of executive includes all the facilities that executive suit has and this is an ideal option for small startup companies. These workspaces offer desk spaces for everyone while providing a pleasant and efficient working environment. Another important point of these workspaces is that they offer chances for meetups, and other fun-filled events like happy hours and parties for employees. There are other variations of these main workspace types and if you are planning to expand your company with new creative ideas, updating your working environment would be an important factor to consider.